Why is it that people stream to shows where bands and singers perform? Why not just stay at home and watch everything on television? It’s not crowded inside your house, you don’t have to pay for tickets, and you can hear yourself think. So what is the attraction of live musical events?

It’s The Atmosphere

There are some things video can’t capture, and that is the emotional atmosphere. On television the people performing are still not quite real, because they’re not standing in front of you. According to you they operate on another planet, which you only get to view through some kind of screen or magazine.

Thus, the atmosphere of a live musical event is so much more “realistic”. Instead of viewing from the sideline, you’re inside the picture and actually experiencing the moment. There aren’t enough video cameras that can record this experience and let you live through it. It’s just something you have to do for yourself.

It’s The People

You don’t really think about it, but such a big crowd can generate quite some energy. With everybody cheering and clapping, it falls like you become part of something bigger.

Even when the show isn’t the most brilliant performance, the energy from the people carries it till the end. Performers need an audience, just like an audience need performers.

The Music Is Loud

This isn’t something everyone is going to appreciate, but the speaker setup at a live musical event is much bigger than you typically get to use in the background. The decibels will make the hair at the back of your neck stand up, and you’ll love every moment.

Some examples of live acts

You See The True Talent Of A Performer

Some people are naturally born to perform, but others simply don’t have that stage presence. Or they might just rely too much on studio tactics to save their music.

A live musical event will separate the bad performers from the good ones, and help you decide whether it’s somebody you still want to follow.

There Are Fun Stuff To Buy

When it comes to a musical event, you can be sure there will be t-shirts, hats and all kinds of other stuff to buy. These you can take home and keep as a memory of the good time you had.

These are just some of the attractions you’ll find with a live musical event.

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