Turkey, being the gateway to Europe and Asia, played a huge role in the trading of goods for many years prior to the growth of modern travel. Back then, places like The Spice Market in Istanbul were where all the action was. This is where the spices from Asia were traded for items from Europe. If you’re heading to Istanbul for a holiday, this is one of the city’s must see tourist attractions.

This particular market is the second largest roofed bazaar in Turkey but it is most likely the biggest spice market in the whole world. This is where traders from all over, even from far away countries in Europe, go to trade different spices. Unfortunately, now other products are being sold here, but it is still considered the spice capital of the country.

Roaming the shops will introduce you to spices you have never even heard of. You will see them almost flowing over the sacks where they are stored. It is these exotic spices that bring a lot of flavour to food, especially in the region. Lovers of Turkish food know that part of the allure of the cuisine is the balanced mix of spices that come together in your mouth to create that wonderful taste.

The biggest spice market in Istanbul is the perfect destination for those who love food, and you might even run away with a pack or two of spices. Here you can see the product, smell, and touch it. You are making history, going there like people have done for the past 350 years.

In its history, the market has not changed much, selling spices and other products that came from all sides of the world. What surprises many visitors is the fact that the sellers and the items are not all from Turkey. Given its role as a place to trade goods, the spice market was opened for exactly this purpose. The advantage is, you will find almost every spice in the world and you can easily fill your suitcase to bring at home. Moreover, you get to bring home stuff from everywhere without having to fly there. So if you ever wanted Russian caviar or Chinese tea, this is the place for you to go.

To visit the spice market is not that difficult because it is in Istanbul. Moreover, most tours will get you there, or you can arrange your own rental car, which is better for families or bigger groups.

It is important to have local currency when you are coming over, though Euros or dollars might be accepted, your bank might charge hidden fees. So in order to avoid being scammed, keep your card in your wallet.

Moreover, if you are visiting the spice market, opt for sellers whose products are loose and not pre-packaged. This is to be sure that they are fresh and of great quality. You can also experience the place like people back then.

The spice market in Istanbul should never be skipped during a trip to Turkey. Imagine strolling around the biggest indoor market for spices with the scents mixing in the air. Under this roof, products from all over the world can come together to shower you with their wonderful smells and tastes.

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