Its not easy to own a horse, especially when you think of all the money and resources that you need to spend on buying one and providing for its needs. You also have to devote time and energy into caring for your horse, and making sure that its healthy and happy. Despite these, many still dream of owning a horse. Take a look at the following reasons to own a horse, no matter how young or old you are:

1. Horses are great for the body and mind – taking care of horses give you physical and mental exercise. As you keep your horses healthy, you too can stay healthy. For children, caring for, training, and playing with horses is a better alternative to sitting around all day and playing on their gaming consoles. The physical and mental activity involved in riding horses will contribute to their well-being and growth.

2. Horses can be effective confidence boosters – being able to care for another living being and training it is a big accomplishment. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to keep at it for more than just a few days or weeks. This kind of accomplishment will give you a confidence boost. The way your horse trusts you and follows your “commands” as you ride it can make you feel “in control” and capable.

3. Horses can lift your mood – get your dose of fresh air when you go out and ride your horse. Horseback riding has been a popular pastime for centuries. It still persists today because its undeniably gratifying and satisfying. Whether you enjoy an easy gait, a slight trot, or an exhilarating run, riding your horse is sure to put you in a better mood.

4. Horses are believed to be healers – even experts say that being around horses is relaxing. They refer to it as a “calming effect.” In fact, this is one reason why it’s one of the recommended treatments for people who are depressed or are suffering from psychological illnesses. Some say that this effect is due to the low blood pressure of horses and their large hearts.

5. Horses are friendly and loving – give your horse the TLC it needs, and you can have a loyal friend who can give you unconditional love. Horses are strong and beautiful – these same qualities can somehow be “transferred” to the owner, as he interacts with and spends time with his horse.

If you want to enjoy these benefits like other horse owners do, take the time to do the prep work. Do your research and reassess your desire to own a horse once you have a more concrete idea of what it will entail. Only go through with your decision when you’re absolutely sure that you truly want a horse, and that you have the resources to care for it.

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