Wildfire spreads at a fast rate. However, there are chances of survival on fire attacks if you are educated on how to deal with them. The most important thing to remember when dealing with a forest fires or any emergency for that matter, is to always maintain a calm mind and do not panic.

Why is this so? Well, panic leads to hyperventilating, and when that happens you will be breathing hard, with deep and rapid inhalations and exhalations. In a forest fire environment, your surrounding would be in the region of superheated temperature and this could be lethal. Sucking in superheated air can kill you faster than you could imagine. Secondly, panic may cause one to urinate on the clothes leading to wet clothes that do act as conductor. Take cover in large water streams, water bodies etc, if available. If that is not available, always remember to keep your clothes dry.

Use Air Filters For Forest Fires

Inhaling becomes a problem in an area full of smoke, even a wet bandana would not help. This will only bring about lip blisters rather than a cool breath. There are special filters available in the market that are used in filtering airborne ash and are highly recommended for use during forest fires. You can use your clothes as temporary filters for small building fire, however, clothing material do not have the capability to filter smoke particles. Prolong exposure to smoke particles will cause you lungs to be clogged. When this happens you will lose the ability to breath and eventually die.

Hold Your Breath To Survive

When you see heavy gust of smoke coming your way, or if you are on the move and crossing areas with heavy smoke, hold your breath as long as you can until you are out of that area. This is the best way to survive the situation. Of course there is only so long you can hold your breath, but try.

Dig A Hole To Shelter From Forest Fire

This is a technique that is commonly used by firefighters. When a fire fighter is surrounded by fire and there is no way to escape, he or she will create a heat shelter by digging a hole in the ground to aid in breathing. However, this requires the use of a shovel or the sort, so make sure you always have a shovel or an emergency kit ready at all times. This is especially true when you plan to go outing in the forest.

Keep Away From Possible Fuel for Fire

In case the fire is on a hill, flames tend to climb up faster than you think. Check for potential fuel sources close to you. The quickest to burn are the dry grass and wood so be aware of those. Try getting to lower grounds, stream area or move towards the already burnt regions would be a good choice.

Once you are out of danger, go home to safety and dont stick around trying to put out the fire. Leave this to the expert. The best thing you can do to help is to keep yourself save and out of the fire. Survival preparedness is key here.

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