When it comes to traveling to exotic destinations, well at least destinations you haven’t been to before, it is important to bring the right stuff. And just as important know what not to bring.

If you plan on a trip to Australia any time soon it is a good idea to prepare now by looking into some of the following devices, packing supplies and travel item suggestions.

Let’s start off by suggesting you grab some sunscreen- – well duh you might say, but not just any old sunscreen. Since Australia is the home to the Great Barrier Reef it is vitally important to keep all those beautiful sea creatures and plant life safe as well.

Most sunscreens contain harmful chemicals (for you and water life) so look for a reef-safe designation or logo on your sunscreen and you should be good to go.

Since we are already talking about the ocean there a few more items related to safe and fun water activities.

First off you’ll want a waterproof phone case, unless you happen to have a handy dandy waterproof phone. For the rest of us protecting one of he most valuable possessions is pretty important.

Get a case that will protect your phone from water damage, as well as dirt, dust and wild kangaroos. (well okay the later is probably not much of a worry)

If you get a clear see-through case you can also use your phone as an underwater camera. If not add an underwater camera to your list.

The amount of amazing underwater scenery is breath taking in the oceans around Australia. You’ll most likely be doing some snorkeling, scuba diving or surfing so get a nice camera to capture all the fun.

Water Shoes and Beach Necessities

You don’t want to lose a sandal while wading and wandering through pools, puddles and possibly the ocean so grab a pair of slip on fast drying water shoes to protect your feet.

Along the lines of protecting your feet you’ll want to protect your shoulders – well dry them off at least. Buying a quick dry towel makes a lot of sense since you’ll be spending a lot of time at the beach.

You’ve seen Crocodile Dundee right? Notice what he wears on his head? You betcha, a nice fashionable sun hat. Australia can get really intense in the sun so protecting your head from the sun and heat can keep you safe. From the sun, not so much from crocodiles.

Now we’ve got the beach covered, what’s next.

Let’s get pumped.

Or, well powered up at least. If you plan on brining any electronic devices you need to plug into an outlet make sure you grab an Australia Power Adapter. Australia uses the Type 1 power outlet which isn’t very common around the world.

Making sure you have a universal power adapter with built in usb ports and surge protection is a good idea if you want to be able to use all your devices.

Speaking of devices you need some power on the go. Carrying a portable charger with you is pretty much mandatory these days when you travel. Just plug in and go, you don’t want to run out of juice in the middle of an exciting safari do you?

Well that should get you started. What else do you plan on brining to your Australian get-a-way?

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