If you feel that your dog would not be safe in exercise areas that are open, you should rather take your dog to an off-lead exercise area which is usually fenced off. Most exercise areas and dog parks are usually open from dawn until dusk unless otherwise signposted. You should obtain information off the internet of dog parks in your area which will be a guide laying out all the available dog parks in the city including a map of the dog parks and the regulations as well.

The exercising of your dog is a vital part of his socialization. There are numerous ways to go about this such as play groups, meeting up with the dogs of friends, going to dog parks as well as leash walks which will assist in accomplishing this. If your dog is not socialized, they will not know how to behave as well as interact correctly in the company of other dogs.

To ensure that your dog does not get bored while exercising, special outings to forests, beaches or parks would allow him the chance to investigate different surroundings while getting in a lot of exercise.

As there are many activities that both you and your dog can enjoy, start by choosing your favourite activities when planning your dog’s exercise program. Bicycle rides in the evenings or going to the dog park followed by nutrient-rich, well-balanced dog food will ensure a lifetime of happiness and health for your dog.

Most dogs really want to romp and run with other dogs, so go to places that offer off-leash facilities so that your dog can get in enough exercise. Avoid the dog park however, should your dog not get along with other dogs, which is why socializing your dog at an early age is so important.

There are a number of owners that would rather avoid dog parks due to dogs having been bitten and injured by aggressive dogs at these parks. Far too many dog owners hope that by bringing their dogs that are aggressive to these dog parks, their dogs will become socialized at the other dogs’ expense.

Note that play time and exercise time are not the same as exercise time is for a longer period where your dog must get a good work out, practice becoming disciplined and also concentrate on tasks being taught to him. You can consider your dog’s exercising as work time for him whereas play time is rather a time for your dog to relax, a real treat which he can get excited about. Play time is made up of toys such as Frisbees, balls, etc. fun in the park with other dogs or swimming or running on the beach.

Generally, adult sporting or herding breed dogs require at least one to one and a half hours exercise per day. This exercise should include running, swimming, hiking or playing with other dogs. Balance work has also become more and more popular with pet owners.

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