Taking a charter yacht tour while you are on holiday in the Caribbean is the best way to experience the best that the islands have to offer. From commercial tours to private charters, there is very little doubt that your Caribbean holiday will be complete without setting sail on the oceans.

There are several tour operators who specialize in creating the perfect custom tours to suit your needs. From all-inclusive exploration tours which take visitors to many of the hidden coves and bays to the exquisite location at which Pirate of the Caribbean was filmed there is sure to be a Caribbean charter which will suit all your needs.

For the avid sailor, nothing can beat the feeling of the wind as it fills the sails. For those who simply love to explore the wonders of the Caribbean, there are also tours set out in which you can swim with the world-famous turtles or take a trip to any of the popular Caribbean beach bars. There is always an opportunity to turn your dreams into everlasting memories.

There are a wide variety of yachts to choose from including sailing yachts and catamarans as well as motor yachts, power catamarans, and even luxury mega yachts. When choosing your perfect Charter Yacht it is also important to keep in mind that the yacht is nothing without picking out the best crew for your needs. See Yacht Charter Specialists  to learn more.

Professional charter concierges will know every crew member for every fleet. It is a good idea to sit down with your concierge before your holidays in order for them perfectly match your requirements to the perfect crew for your needs.

Your first options to choose from would be whether you would like a traditional sailor the more modern power yachts. If you are looking for the journey to be as important as the actual destination, then it is highly recommended that you look at a sailing vessel. The slower pace will allow you see more of the scenery. If you’re looking to feel the movement of the waves, then a sailing Monohull will be perfect for your trip, but if you would like a little more space and luxury then you should opt for a sailing catamaran.

Megayachts or smaller motor yachts are for those who are looking to get more out of the islands. These super luxurious yachts have larger crews and are much more formal. Whether you chose, a modern luxury yacht or even a classically restored beauty, you are guaranteed to have five-star service. The motor yachts do, however, come standard with an associated fuel charge. Each yacht is different and it is recommended that you contact your concierge to discuss the details of the fuel charges.

It may all seem like a lot to take in but making sure you completely understand all the aspects of your Caribbean holiday is vital. Trained agents are available to assist you at every corner, to make sure that your next Caribbean holiday is one to remember.

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