If you believe your stomach is as tough as a three-inch plate of steel armor, we dare you to try these 6 unusual and really exotic dishes from around the world. It takes nerves of steel to try to pick any one of these from their serving plates; it takes even greater courage to put them in your mouth without throwing up. Joking aside, some of these dishes are seriously tasty if you can stomach them.

Casu Marzu
Italians brought to the world pizzas, gelatos, and pastas. Their cheeses are some of the best on the planet; except for one the casu marzu. This cheese made from sheeps milk undergoes the same fermentation process; except that the length of fermentation is shorter, allowing the cheese to decompose and start growing live insect larvae. Now if that doesnt put you off, nothing else will.

Monkey Brain
Simians are generally regarded as mans closest animal relatives. If that is the case, would you eat your relatives brain? Apparently in China and many other East Asian countries, monkey brain is not only considered a delicacy; it is also taken as a very potent cure for erectile dysfunction. Sadly, many of the microorganisms known to wreak havoc on human health reside in monkey brains.

Live Cobra Heart
It is not really unusual to eat offal like the kidneys, heart, liver, intestines, and even spleen. But if you were to be given the still-beating heart of a cobra and made to eat it as is, would you? Some folks in Vietnam actually eat the live, beating heart of a cobra, washed only in the cobras own blood. This is something that is definitely not for folks with cardiac problems.

Saffron Buns –

For something truly exotic, head to Cornwall where they serve bread rolls flavoured with the spice saffron. This local foodstuff was invented many centuries ago when Cornwall was a major destination on the trade routes around the world. For a spice that was once more valuable than gold, they have an air of exclusivity to them. These yellow coloured buns are a tasty treat when travelling around this county and can perk you up after a long walk on the beach with the dog or a trip with the family around the numerous tourism attractions.

Bear Claw
Bear claw doesnt really look bizarre as they are rather tender and come with an odd, chewy consistency when stewed properly. In fact, you should feel great about its ability to boost your sexual performance, or so they claim. The problem actually is not in the taste or the bizarre nature of the dish, but rather in its prohibitive cost. Get ready to freak out not because of the idea of eating a bear claw, but rather because of the large hole it will leave in your pocket.

Featured in many Fear Factor episodes and a delicacy in the Philippines revered by males for its ability to increase sexual performance, balut is nothing more than duck egg but with an already-grown embryo. Most foreigners will close their eyes when they eat the balut to avoid establishing eye contact with the duck embryo complete with feathers, beak, and feet.

Fried Tarantula
The mere thought of a tarantula crawling on your skin is often enough to scare the wits out of many folks. Now try to eat Cambodias favorite snack, the pan-fried Zebra Tarantula and youll see just how tough you really are. It may be gooey and yucky inside but the outer skin is deliciously crispy. Try the abdomen if you can as only the bravest dare do so.

These delicacies are not for the weak. But, theyre really worth the try if you want to make your travels more exciting and memorable.

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