New Zealand is popular for its majestic open spaces, picturesque landscapes, and lovely little villages. There is no limit to the number of outdoor activities awaiting any tourist. Yet, there is more to seeing lush greens and warm blues in NZ that every visitor must know. It’s one of the world’s most unique travel desinations (other unique destinations). Here are 5 interesting things to do in NZ besides hiking.

The Sky Tower is a free-standing structure that has captured the hearts of many tourists as it offers them a good view of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. The Sky Tower is actually a telecommunication and observation tower, standing about 328 meters high. Set against the backdrop of other skyrise buildings, the Sky Tower stands out because of its iconic design. If you want to level up your dining experience, you and your loved ones can eat at the Orbit, which is a revolving restaurant at the Sky Tower.

Are you an art lover? Then coming to Napier on a February would definitely make you happy. Napier Art Deco, located in Hawkes Bay, houses the largest collection of the 1920s Art Deco outside Miami. Visiting Napier feels like walking through the memory lane of the 1920 Art Deco era which architectural designs are stylishly different from other NZ towns. Every February, the people celebrate the Napier Arts Festival, where a 40,000-strong crowd from different parts of the world gather together, hold a parade, get on a picnic, and showcase art pieces that are mostly vintage.

Feast on the sight of heavenly sea creatures at Kaikoura, where sperm whales and dolphins are often spotted. Located at the east coast of the South Island, Kaikoura is a dainty coastal town that offers visitors amazing sea creature encounters, relaxing long walks with nature, and eating a plateful of crayfish and other fresh seafood.

Okay, visiting the Wai-o-Tapu
 national park might involve some walking, but it still offers tourists a spectacular show of geysers popping out naturally. Wai-o-Tapu is branded as a thermal wonderland with the worlds unique volcanic and geothermal features located in Rotorua. Here the bubbles and steams you see are all natural. You will encounter the infamous Lady Know Geyser and the Champagne Pool which are both geothermal wonders. Who would have thought that natural elements could put up a good show for entertainment? Not only will taking a Wai-o-Tapu tour satisfy your tourist appetite, but it also quenches your thirst for knowledge. The facility is also run by experts, so you are guaranteed a safe experience all throughout.

Yes, you have watched the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films a hundred times, and you wonder where in the world the breathtaking scene location might be. Well, Middle Earth is found in no less than the beautiful country of New Zealand. The Hobbiton movie set, replete with cottages, sheep farms, and diners, offers tourists a satisfying Middle Earth experience across the 1,250-acre vastness with views of the Kaimai Ranges. They offer tours where you get to listen to Hobbit tales, walk through Shire, and eat at any of the inns and cafes, such as the Green Dragon Inn and Shires Rest Café.

Truly, there is a host of original activities you can do when in New Zealand. The above list highlights some of the unique NZ places that offer not just good views, but also incredible experiences.

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