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Choose A Caribbean Charter Yacht

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There are a wide variety of yachts to choose from including sailing When choosing your perfect Charter Yacht it is also important to keep in mind that the yacht is nothing without picking out the best crew for your needs. See Yacht Charter Specialists  to learn more.

Professional charter concierges will know every crew member for every fleet. It is a good idea to sit down with your concierge before your holidays in order for them perfectly match your requirements to the perfect crew for your needs.

Your first options to choose from would be whether you would like a traditional sailor the more modern power yachts. If you are looking for the journey to be as important as the actual destination, then it is highly recommended that you look at a sailing vessel. The slower pace will allow you see more of the scenery. If you're looking to feel the movement of the waves, then a sailing Monohull will be perfect for your trip, but if you would like a little more space and luxury then you should opt for a sailing catamaran.

Megayachts or smaller motor yachts are for those who are looking to get more out of the islands. These super luxurious yachts have larger crews and are much more formal. Whether you chose, a modern luxury yacht or even a classically restored beauty, you are guaranteed to have five-star service. The motor yachts do, however, come standard with an associated fuel charge. Each yacht is different and it is recommended that you contact your concierge to discuss the details of the fuel charges. It may all seem like a lot to take in but making sure you completely understand all the aspects of your Caribbean holiday is vital. Trained agents are available to assist you at every corner, to make sure that your next Caribbean holiday is one to remember.

Athens: Greek Yacht Charter Holidays – The Gateway To Greece

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Of course, Athens is just the gateway to the rest of the Greek mainland and Piraeus with its daily departure of dozens of cruise ships to the Greek Islands. As Greek yacht charter specialists, we lead a tour of Athens, from the Sound and Light show at the Acropolis to bouzouki players in the Plaka's tavernas.

The Smells And Colours Of The Spice Market In Istanbul

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Back then, places like The Spice Market in Istanbul were where all the action This is where the spices from Asia were traded for items from Europe. If you're heading to Istanbul for a holiday, this is one of the city's must see tourist attractions.

This particular market is the second largest roofed bazaar in Turkey but it is most likely the biggest spice market in the whole world. This is where traders from all over, even from far away countries in Europe, go to trade different spices. Unfortunately, now other products are being sold here, but it is still considered the spice capital of the country.

Roaming the shops will introduce you to spices you have never even heard of. You will see them almost flowing over the sacks where they are stored. It is these exotic spices that bring a lot of flavour to food, especially in the region. Lovers of Turkish food know that part of the allure of the cuisine is the balanced mix of spices that come together in your mouth to create that wonderful taste.

The biggest spice market in Istanbul is the perfect destination for those who love food, and you might even run away with a pack or two of spices. Here you can see the product, smell, and touch it. You are making history, going there like people have done for the past 350 years.

In its history, the market has not changed much, selling spices and other products that came from all sides of the world. What surprises many visitors is the fact that the sellers and the items are not all from Turkey. Given its role as a place to trade goods, the spice market was opened for exactly this purpose. The advantage is, you will find almost every spice in the world and you can easily fill your suitcase to bring at home. Moreover, you get to bring home stuff from everywhere without having to fly there. So if you ever wanted Russian caviar or Chinese tea, this is the place for you to go.

To visit the spice market is not that difficult because it is in Istanbul. Moreover, most tours will get you there, or you can arrange your own rental car, which is better for families or bigger groups.

It is important to have local currency when you are coming over, though Euros or dollars might be accepted, your bank might charge hidden fees. So in order to avoid being scammed, keep your card in your wallet.

Moreover, if you are visiting the spice market, opt for sellers whose products are loose and not pre-packaged. This is to be sure that they are fresh and of great quality. You can also experience the place like people back then.

The spice market in Istanbul should never be skipped during a trip to Turkey. Imagine strolling around the biggest indoor market for spices with the scents mixing in the air. Under this roof, products from all over the world can come together to shower you with their wonderful smells and tastes.

Exploring The Sights And Flavours Of West Virginia in 3 Days

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When John Denver wrote the lyrics of his hit song Take Me Home, Country Roads people who didnt have a clue about West Virginia somehow figured that the state was almost heaven. And if you follow this 3-day guide to exploring the sights and flavours of West Virginia, who knows if you might have a taste of almost heaven yourself. Time to take a road trip into new territory.

Start the journey with a sumptuous homemade breakfast at the Ledge House Bed and Breakfast at Harpers Ferry before heading out to see the historic sites of the city such as the Jefferson Rock or even John Browns Fort. If the Ledge House is packed, you can always head out to Stonehouse and make it as your starting point.

By the time youre hungry for lunch, try out the tuna nicoise salad served with tantalizing quail eggs at the Bistro 1840. Dont forget to wash the meal down with the iconic English IPA served at the Mash Brewing Company. Dont like ales? Maybe the Sour Peach Shenandoah Saison in Charles Town should quench your thirst.

In the afternoon, stop by the Bloomery Plantation Distillery before capping the day with a dinner at the Redbook Restaurant where youll be treated to a really fantastic meal. Calling it a night means heading upstairs to your room at the Hillbrook Inn & Spa.

Day 2   On the 2nd day, start off with a Sunday European brunch in Shepherdstown. Feast on their oysters on a half shell, an assortment of terrines and pates, and a selection of only the mouth-watering sausages and sauerkrauts you could ever imagine. Explore the old-time merchandise at OHurleys General Store before heading out for lunch.

Grab the pate du campagne at Bistro 112 for lunch and wash it off with craft beers from Town Run Community Pub. Youll love the house-made pate. At dinner, try the pappardelle with mushrooms, fontina, sage, and cream before retiring to your luxurious suite at the upscale Bavarian Inn. Alternatively, you can feast on a big slab of steak complete with gorgonzola butter before calling it a night.

West Virginia is home to the countrys very first spa town. Sample the Almost Famous Cream of Crab at Taris in Berkeley Springs. Once your tummy is filled, its time to indulge and allow yourself to be transported to other-worldly experience at the bathhouses of the Berkeley Springs State Park. Make sure to check out the very same bathtub that George Washington used 250 years ago every time he and his family head out to this scenic and idyllic town.

In the afternoon, drive up the winding hill of the city to see the famous Berkeley Castle and get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the scenery overlooking the town. Check out the Star Theatre, too, and partake in classic hot-oil popcorn. Cap your 3-day journey with a seared rare tuna roulade prepared by Chef Damian Heath at the Lot 12 Public House.

If you can allot a week exploring the sights and flavours of West Virginia, then that would be even better. But if youre pressed for time, then this 3-day guide should help you get started.

Travel To Turkey To To Experience A Real-life Cotton Castle

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You can easily go here by booking day trips from Aegean resorts or by simply renting a car and driving There are amazing sea views and coastal scenery on the Turkish coast. It's well worth the trip. Other sea view holiday ideas can be found on this post. If you're coming from Antalya and Marmaris, the travel time is around four hours. If you are traveling from Kusadasi, it only takes three hours. There is also public transportation available and you can take the bus from Denizli's bus station. 

Since you will be visiting water terraces, it would be best to bring a change of clothes and wear a swimsuit before you even go to the place. This makes your trip less of a hassle. At the same time, you won't be able to wear shoes once you walk up the formations because it's a way to avoid erosion and making the waters dirty.

The best time to visit Pamukkale is actually when there are not many people so that you will enjoy its serenity and the waters reflections of the sky. Since the bulk of tourists go by the afternoon or at lunchtime (the long drive makes this so), it would be best for you to already stay in Pamukkale the night before and just go there in the morning. You can also go there as early as 6 am and start wading in their pool at around 8 am.

Visiting The Changdeokgung Palace In Seoul, South Korea

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You can stay nearby or in the centre of Seoul in fantastic hotels, which have wonderful facilities and These travel accommodations offer a great base for sightseeing. Although there are very few self catering houses or apartments like in other popular holiday destinations around the globe. The reception staff or concierges at these hotels will recommend the Changdeokgung Palace and provide directions and tips on visiting.

The palace was burnt so many times. First was in 1592 during the Japanese invasion and was reconstructed by King Seonjo and King Gwanghaegun in 1609. The second time was in 1623 after a revolution was led by King Injo. Amidst the attacks and political revolt, the Changdeokgung Palace continued to be repaired and reconstructed maintaining its original design.

In the present day, the palace still has 13 buildings standing and 28 pavilions in the gardens, which includes the secret garden that is now called Biwon. The garden has a lotus pond, pavilion, trees, flowers and a beautiful landscape. The secret garden was forbidden and was for private use only of the king. It was originally called Geumwon (forbidden garden) and Naewon (inner garden), but it was popularly known to many as Huwon (rear garden). Even high officials were not allowed to enter the garden without permission.

The palace has the largest of all palace gates called the Donhwamun Gate. Originally built in 1412, the main palace gate is a two-story wooden structure. It is so big it sort of looks like a pavilion. In the palace you can also find one of Seouls oldest bridges, the Geumcheongyo Bridge, which was built in 1411.

The palace is home to Seouls National Treasures, such as the Injeongjeon Hall or the throne hall, Daejojeon Hall (the empress or queens room), Seonjeongjon Hall (officials hall where meetings took place), and the Nakseonjae (kings bedroom). The Huijeongdang Hall was originally the kings chambers but it was too small to host gatherings. The Juhamnu pavilion or Kujanggak was where the royal libraries stood.

Its easy to get to the Changdeokgung Palace as it has been recognized by UNESCO Committee as part of the World Cultural Heritage List in December 1997. Palace tours are closed on Mondays and tickets for the tours are limited to a hundred each tour. Fifty tickets are sold online and the remaining 50 tickets are sold on the day at the ticket office.

If you happen to be travelling with a family that has a baby, they have 8 strollers available for rental. Most of the tours are free for children aged 6 and below, people with disabilities and men of national merits. Jongno residents can take advantage of a 50% discount just as long as they are able to show an ID. They also offer interpretation services for foreigners who want to learn more of the palaces history.

Visit One Of Chinas Unusual Attractions: Tomb Of A Eunuch

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Location and How to Get There Travel information for the Eunuch Tomb and museum. It is around 20 kilometers away from Beijing. You can visit the place any day you like as long as its between 9 AM to 4:30 PM. You can visit the place any day you like as long as its between 9 AM to 4:30 PM. It is around 20 kilometers away from Beijing. You can visit the place any day you like as long as its between 9 AM to 4:30 PM. The exact address is 80 Mishikou Street in the Shijingshan District. You can take the train but you have to get off at the Pingguoyuan station. You have to pay a small entrance fee to get in.       Its a tourist attraction that many would rather skip. Its not exactly a place where you bring your family especially little kids. Its not that youre messing with their impressionable minds but get ready. They will ask a lot of questions that you rather not answer. It is a reminder that once upon a time, poor boys had to undergo castration just to serve royalties. On the other hand, if youre a history buff with macabre tastes, you need to go here.