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Why Giving Is Beneficial For People

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Studies show that giving improves health and well-being while strengthening communities. When you give, you make the world a better place. In fact, generous people enjoy more happiness and life satisfaction by donating, helping, and volunteering. As the saying goes: the more you give, the more you receive.

Benefits of Giving

Giving benefits not only the receiver but also the giver. It improves lives and inspires people to do the same. Here are the ultimate benefits you will get when you give your time, resources, and skills to others:

* It makes you happy. Giving money makes you happier than spending it on yourself. This simple act of kindness can improve your overall well-being while helping others in need. According to scientists, altruistic behavior gives out endorphins which produce positive feeling called the helper's high.

* It's beneficial to your health. Acts of generosity improve health and overall well-being, even the elderly and the sickly. Giving also increases health benefits among people who suffer from chronic illness like multiple sclerosis and HIV. One reasons that giving improves longevity and physical health of a person is that it decreases stress.

* It promotes social connection and cooperation. When people give, they get back. Giving to others can reward you through the person you helped or through someone else. These exchanges encourage cooperation and trust that strengthens communities and social connections.

* It elicits gratitude. Giving can evoke gratitude. That feeling of gratitude is essential to one's health, happiness, and social interactions. Counting your blessings also cultivates gratitude which promotes optimism, better health, and improved lives. If you express gratitude to your partner or friend, it strengthens relationships and a sense of connection.

Why Giving is Contagious

Giving releases oxytocin hormones that induce euphoria, connection to other people, and feelings of warmth. Oxytocin also causes people to generously give more and feel empathy towards other people. If you're on an oxytocin high, your generous behavior can trigger others to also do the same. And that's why giving is contagious.

Whether you volunteer yourself, buy gifts, or give money to charities, your giving can improve your life in general. Your generosity can spark initiatives in your community to help others. The happiness you feel when you give is only one of the greatest benefits of giving.

Wrapping It Up

One small act of kindness every day can help make our world a better place, especially for the young and deprived ones. Choose a charity today and donate any amount you can give to those in need, and feel better.

The Altruistic Act Of Volunteering: Why You Are Motivated To Volunteer

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When you volunteer, you feel better about yourself, you increase your self-confidence, and you feel happier and content. Volunteering also enhances psychological health while meeting like-minded people through charity works. The person's desire to give is the main reason they volunteer. Volunteering can make you "wealthy in spirit". However, receiving becomes a great motivator to attract people to volunteer.

Volunteerism and altruism is about making worthwhile and meaningful opportunities for individuals where it's possible to make a change. Volunteers can help co-construct and co-produce experiences they involve themselves in. The more you help, the greater experiences you will get from volunteering your time, skills, and resources.

Bottom Line

Volunteer work provides growth and opportunity for you to learn something new and find your purpose. It also encourages socialization with like-minded people, other volunteers, beneficiaries, and the staff. There are so many reasons to volunteer like a true altruist.