It is best never to allow your cat to travel loose in your motor vehicle as firstly, they could distract you whilst driving or even crawl under your feet and secondly, they could escape if a door or window is opened. This means that it would be best if they are put into a cat transporter or cat carrier which will be an important piece of your luggage allowing both you and your cat to stay out of harm’s way.

Regarding this important piece of luggage, a cat carrier made of cardboard is only for quick trips to the vet but is not meant for more lengthy journeys as it lacks adequate ventilation.

Ensure that you buy a carrier that is sturdy and it would also be a good idea to put one of your cat’s favourite toys as well as a cat treat into the carrier as well.

If you are planning to travel and have a large cat you will obviously need a larger cat carrier. Bear in mind that the majority of the cat carriers that are soft-sided are meant for cats who are average in height and length and whose weight is around twelve to fifteen pounds so they will be much too small for large cats.

Now that you have the information required for purchasing the correct cat carrier, the next step is instructions on how to actually get your cat into the carrier. Patience will be required and it is probably best to have your cat’s claws clipped before attempting this.

Take your cat carrier out before you plan to pop kitty into it and make sure it is cleaned out properly. Place it near to where your cat sleeps and put a favourite blanket into it. Leave it open (and maybe even put a cat treat inside), which will enable your kitty to explore the inside. Many cats will go inside willingly and may even sleep in the carrier which will help to alleviate the fear of being put inside it to travel.

You could also purchase Feliway, a cat pheromone spray which you could then spray inside the carrier so as to encourage your cat to hop inside when drawn to the smell. Some carriers can even be converted into a cat bed which also has a seatbelt strap built in.

Sufficient ventilation is most important, particularly when your cat is going to go on a trip that’s longer. Screens, slots or mesh windows are often used as ventilation holes in cat carriers. Air circulation inside the carrier helps your cat to stay comfortable.

It is also possible to purchase backpacks for cats which is another form of a cat carrier. As you’ll be holding them on your shoulders for some time, ensure that the backpack is a lightweight one which will allow you to be more comfortable.

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