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From time to time, when families throw up a family reunion, they want it to be an event to remember. This is easy to achieve if you can figure out something unique to bring fun to the event. There are so many games you can try out as a family, either a game for the kids or for everyone in the family can be a good way to have fun together and make the event memorable.

Frisbee Golf with a Twist – Frisbee golf is such a fun sport to play. Make it super unique by creating your own ‘course’, split the family into teams, and at each ‘hole’ have a fun, family fact, trivia question, or mind game for each small group to complete before moving on to the next hole. Instead of keeping score, the fun becomes learning more about your family and building friendships.

Balloon Stomp – This game might get a little rough, so be prepared :). Blow up balloons, tie one to each participant’s ankle, then go around and try to pop everyone else’s balloon. Whoever has the last un-popped balloon is the winner! Fun!

Glows Lawn Bowling – I cannot even believe how fun this looks! It’s so simple. Fill up some old plastic bottles with water and food coloring and create your own mini bowling alley! Make your own bowling game in the dark using glow sticks! Any participant will love the added challenge of playing in the dark! Ha!

Bingo – Bingo is a classic game that never grows old! Play a few games to really get the party started! Don’t forget fun and silly prizes for the winners!

Not all the while will family reunions give you the best experience, not all will be up to expectations. Sometimes people will really piss you off with their wicked behavior or negative believes. However, what matters is how you handle the situations and avoid confrontations whenever possible, here is how.

Don’t take it personally.

“In family settings, people are particularly prone to personalize disagreements and other problems,” says Johnson. Remember that, though the problematic person is really bothering you, he or she is probably not actually aiming to spoil your holiday.

Address behavior, not character

In talking with Uncle Bill, says Johnson, the key thing is to let him know that you are bothered by specific behaviors — you’re not judging his character or opinions: “When you tell those kinds of jokes, I feel uncomfortable,” or “Sometimes you kind of take charge of the conversation in a way that makes it hard for me to express myself.”

Embrace family differences

“There are as many different visions of reality in a family as there are people,” says Johnson. The fact that not everyone agrees with you about Cousin Sarah’s behavior and what to do about it shouldn’t stop you from stating your truth, but it shouldn’t make you sore at your relatives either.

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