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Guide To Staying In A Hostel

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Hostels have become the popular choice for many travelers, thanks to backpackers and young people making them trendy. They are cheaper but staying in one is a completely different experience. Because you will essentially be sharing a room with other people, there are rules on etiquette that should be followed.

Some people are hugely disappointed or surprised during their stay simply because they have no idea what a hostel really is. When you book a room or a bed, it should come to you naturally to check out the place and what exactly you are booking. Plus, if you are paying such a low price, then it is irrational to expect your own room and other luxuries that five-star hotels offer. Still, there are other pluses to hostels, including having a shared kitchen (perfect if you prefer to prepare your own food), game or activity rooms where you can mingle with other guests and some also have washing machines available.

Rules of Etiquette

From making sure the reception is open when you check-in and out to asking about bed linen, make sure you know what to expect when you book. Hostels are all about savings and providing the basics, but if you are aware beforehand, you can adjust your expectations and still have a great time.

Do Socialize

If you prefer your own space and quiet when you travel, then a hostel will only work if you book your own room. Still, this is a place to make friends from all over the world, so leave that book at home and chat with others instead.

Do Take Care During The Night

If you have an early flight the next day or you are out partying, make sure that you are mindful of other peoples schedule when you are in the room. After all, if you are in the same situation, you would not want your sleep interrupted.

Do Ask For Recommendations Or Tips

Even if you have the latest travel guide of the city you are visiting, make sure to drop by the reception and get the locals tips and other recommendations. They know the city best and will also gladly help with transportation options, directions, as well as the shady areas to avoid.

Do Leave A Great Review

Not all hostels are wonderful but if you happen to have found one, do not keep it to yourself. There are tons of other travelers eager for recommendations and suggestions on hostels and your review can really help them end up with only the best one. Moreover, they do not bring some huge hotel chains name that can attract guests but with top reviews, people will be able to have the same great time as you did.

Hostels are no longer viewed as dangerous or risky, and while they do not offer privacy and luxury, they do offer something unique. Click here for more ideas. It is a place to connect and hang out with people, and through them, you get to know about the rest of the world.

Athens: Greek Yacht Charter Holidays – The Gateway To Greece

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I love everything about Greece. From the cerulean blue sea, the whitewashed buildings that cling to the cliffsides, the turquoise window boxes and pink geraniums, and the people, oh, those warm, vibrant, handsome people. Do they ever sleep?

Certainly not at night! Theyre too busy singing and dancing in the tavernas until the suns rays glint through the grape-vined trellises.

Your introduction to Greece will probably be through the stunning new Athens airport, completed in time for the 2004 Olympics. The highways into the city are broad and handsome, and the 45-minute taxi ride is an exciting introduction to this ancient city.

Towering above, and visible from all angles is the Acropolis with the recently revitalised Parthenon. Your hotel choice includes dazzling new hotels on the entry to the city centre, or charming ancient hotels nestled in the Plaka district at the foot of the Acropolis or others around the two main squares, Syntagma or Omonia. Your budget will govern your choice.
The highlights of this capital city (pop. 3,103,000) are, of course, the Acropolis, the Olympic Stadium, the Archeological Museum and the Parliament with the changing of the Evzone guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Fun-seekers will head for the Plaka with its ubiquitous souvenir shops, quaint little churches, glittering gold jewellery shops, and tavernas with bearded bouzouki players entertaining until the wee small hours.

Shoppers will seek out Monastiraki Square and the Flea market on Pandrossou Street, while a restful afternoon can be spent in the National Garden with it swan lakes and duck ponds and terrace cafes with live orchestras.

Nighttime entertainment on a cultural level includes the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, usually packaged with the Sound and Light Show at the Acropolis. Folk dances from villages throughout Greece are presented in costume.

If youre in Athens in the summertime, nothing could be more exciting than to hear a concert at the Herod Atticus Theater on the south slope of the Acropolis. Recent performers have included the popular Greek performer, Yanni, as well as Andrea Bocelli and opera highlights with Jessye Norman.

Of course, Athens is just the gateway to the rest of the Greek mainland and Piraeus with its daily departure of dozens of cruise ships to the Greek Islands. As Greek yacht charter specialists, we lead a tour of Athens, from the Sound and Light show at the Acropolis to bouzouki players in the Plaka’s tavernas.

The Altruistic Act Of Volunteering: Why You Are Motivated To Volunteer

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Helping other people in need is important. In fact, scholars like Mark Snyder, Gild Cary, and some of their colleagues found that the most important factor for volunteerism is an altruistic interest in other people. However, there’s no clear explanation for the psychological aspects that make a volunteer. If there’s clarity about those aspects, it will be easier for charities to attract people to help their cause.

What Motivates People to Volunteer

Volunteering your time, resources, and skills to help other people is altruism. It doesn’t matter whether you do it with a group of people who share your passion and beliefs, or in a casual ad hoc way. But did it cross your mind to wonder what motivates you to volunteer yourself? The following are some volunteering motivators that inspire people to share their time with others.

* Psychological pay off. This means you expect to get something from volunteering your time or resources. For instance, you expect to obtain career advantage, meet new people, or develop skills.

* Sociologic motivation. This inspires individuals with strong beliefs and values to share their resources and time to help others.

* Functional-Psychological motivation. This relates to the psychological needs of a person that are fulfilled by volunteering.

Main Functions of Volunteering

According to Cary and Snyder, there are 6 functions that are served by volunteerism. These functions are values, enhancement, understanding, social, career, and protective. You may decide to volunteer because you feel it’s important to assist others or participate in your community.

Some volunteers are motivated to learn from hands-on experience or understand their community even more. Others want to volunteer because they feel it will help them enhance their well-being. You may also want to be a volunteer to obtain career opportunities, like a promotion. There are social reasons as well – you can meet new friends by volunteering.

Benefits of Volunteering

When you volunteer, you feel better about yourself, you increase your self-confidence, and you feel happier and content. Volunteering also enhances psychological health while meeting like-minded people through charity works. The person’s desire to give is the main reason they volunteer. Volunteering can make you “wealthy in spirit”. However, receiving becomes a great motivator to attract people to volunteer.

Volunteerism and altruism is about making worthwhile and meaningful opportunities for individuals where it’s possible to make a change. Volunteers can help co-construct and co-produce experiences they involve themselves in. The more you help, the greater experiences you will get from volunteering your time, skills, and resources.

Bottom Line

Volunteer work provides growth and opportunity for you to learn something new and find your purpose. It also encourages socialization with like-minded people, other volunteers, beneficiaries, and the staff. There are so many reasons to volunteer like a true altruist.

Travel To Turkey To To Experience A Real-life Cotton Castle

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Not a lot of people go to Turkey. In fact, Turkey can be considered as one of the underrated countries to visit since they offer so many historical and cultural sites that aren’t even talked about on travel websites. So to stay away from the norm, here’s an article about Turkey’s “Cotton Castle” called Pamukkale.

First things first, what is Pamukkale? Literally translating to “Cotton Castle”, Pamukkale is a bunch of white terraces with water spilling from their rims. It’s white because of the kind of rock that has formed from the flowing water that passes through which is called travertine.

Aside from its picturesque and unique landscape, Pamukkale is also unique in history. During the Roman Era, this place was known to be a spa to many and on top of the terraces, there was a city called Hierapolis. Hierapolis was a thriving city all throughout history until it was abandoned in 1300 AD. It has experienced many renovations over the course of its life due to natural calamities.

Not until 1300 AD did it actually become ruins. However, as the years passed, the city of Hierapolis, or at least its memory, was never lost on Turkey. The ruins were converted into a tourist spot where visitors can see an amphitheater, the Nymphaeum fountain which distributes water all over Hierapolis, and a wide expanse of how life was back in the Roman Era.

In 1988, Pamukkale was considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Together with this title comes preservation of the place’s ruins and culture. The hotels that were built were demolished as to respect and keep the area as it is. There were also pools that were closed for public use and instead, artificial ponds were created so they will all turn their attention there. As of today, Pamukkale enjoys a good number of tourists that reach around two million every year.

So how do you go to Pamukkale?

Pamukkale is found in Denizli Province in the southwestern part of Turkey. You can easily go here by booking day trips from Aegean resorts or by simply renting a car and driving over. There are amazing sea views and coastal scenery on the Turkish coast. It’s well worth the trip. Other sea view holiday ideas can be found on this post. If you’re coming from Antalya and Marmaris, the travel time is around four hours. If you are traveling from Kusadasi, it only takes three hours. There is also public transportation available and you can take the bus from Denizli’s bus station. 

Since you will be visiting water terraces, it would be best to bring a change of clothes and wear a swimsuit before you even go to the place. This makes your trip less of a hassle. At the same time, you won’t be able to wear shoes once you walk up the formations because it’s a way to avoid erosion and making the waters dirty.

The best time to visit Pamukkale is actually when there are not many people so that you will enjoy its serenity and the waters reflections of the sky. Since the bulk of tourists go by the afternoon or at lunchtime (the long drive makes this so), it would be best for you to already stay in Pamukkale the night before and just go there in the morning. You can also go there as early as 6 am and start wading in their pool at around 8 am.

Visit One Of Chinas Unusual Attractions: Tomb Of A Eunuch

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The Great Wall of China is the countrys most famous tourist attractions. Its probably on the top of your itinerary on vacation in China followed by a visit to the Forbidden City. But there is an unusual tomb that many foreigners have not even heard of. Its the mausoleum of Tian Yi, an imperial court eunuch.

About Tian Yis Tomb

Thousands of eunuchs like Tian Yi served during the Ming Dynasty. Nevertheless, the Chinese Emperor Wanli rewarded him with a royal tomb for his distinguished service. Over the years, the place has been looted and forgotten. Fortunately, it has been rediscovered and serves as a window to Chinas imperial past.

Unlike other Chinese tourist spots, you wont encounter a crowd in this place. If you will come visit the place, chances are youre the only ones there. Before it was open for public viewing, the mausoleum was closed and used as a school. Tian Yi was not royalty but they surely gave him a tomb fit for one.
What to See

The tombs wall carvings are well-preserved and one of the wall shows various big animals carved in stone. You can see two giant statue versions of Tian Yi. One shows him as a soldier while he is dressed as a scholar in the other. You have to walk through the Divine Path gate in order to reach his final resting place.

There is also a museum that demonstrates how the ancient Chinese do castration. There is a display room there that shows four human-like statues. One of them is lying down, obviously the volunteer for the eunuch position. One of the figures is holding him down while the other one is holding a tray. The third figure is the surgeon who will cut the patients genitals. A cabinet nearby shows the grisly tool they use in the operation.

The museum also features the mummified remains of a eunuch. No one knows his name but he is probably a monk based on his appearance. The mummy was discovered in 2006 but it is highly unlikely that its Tian Yi.

Location and How to Get There

Travel information for the Eunuch Tomb and museum. It is around 20 kilometers away from Beijing. You can visit the place any day you like as long as its between 9 AM to 4:30 PM. The exact address is 80 Mishikou Street in the Shijingshan District. You can take the train but you have to get off at the Pingguoyuan station. You have to pay a small entrance fee to get in.
Its a tourist attraction that many would rather skip. Its not exactly a place where you bring your family especially little kids. Its not that youre messing with their impressionable minds but get ready. They will ask a lot of questions that you rather not answer. It is a reminder that once upon a time, poor boys had to undergo castration just to serve royalties. On the other hand, if youre a history buff with macabre tastes, you need to go here.

What’s The Attraction Of Live Musical Events

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Why is it that people stream to shows where bands and singers perform? Why not just stay at home and watch everything on television? It’s not crowded inside your house, you don’t have to pay for tickets, and you can hear yourself think. So what is the attraction of live musical events?

It’s The Atmosphere

There are some things video can’t capture, and that is the emotional atmosphere. On television the people performing are still not quite real, because they’re not standing in front of you. According to you they operate on another planet, which you only get to view through some kind of screen or magazine.

Thus, the atmosphere of a live musical event is so much more “realistic”. Instead of viewing from the sideline, you’re inside the picture and actually experiencing the moment. There aren’t enough video cameras that can record this experience and let you live through it. It’s just something you have to do for yourself.

It’s The People

You don’t really think about it, but such a big crowd can generate quite some energy. With everybody cheering and clapping, it falls like you become part of something bigger.

Even when the show isn’t the most brilliant performance, the energy from the people carries it till the end. Performers need an audience, just like an audience need performers.

The Music Is Loud

This isn’t something everyone is going to appreciate, but the speaker setup at a live musical event is much bigger than you typically get to use in the background. The decibels will make the hair at the back of your neck stand up, and you’ll love every moment.

Some examples of live acts

You See The True Talent Of A Performer

Some people are naturally born to perform, but others simply don’t have that stage presence. Or they might just rely too much on studio tactics to save their music.

A live musical event will separate the bad performers from the good ones, and help you decide whether it’s somebody you still want to follow.

There Are Fun Stuff To Buy

When it comes to a musical event, you can be sure there will be t-shirts, hats and all kinds of other stuff to buy. These you can take home and keep as a memory of the good time you had.

These are just some of the attractions you’ll find with a live musical event.

About Leisure activities for Recovering Drug Addicts

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Be it sport, hobby, or free time spent just lazing around, leisure has various meanings, depending on the way it is spent, or one’s preference. What is constant about it is that leisure is an important time for everybody, from workers to scholars; everybody needs some free time at which they can do their favorable stuff.

Leisure means different things to different people. Some people like to do sports or hobbies. Other people think of leisure as free time spent away from chores, work, school, or other obligations.

Leisure can be active or inactive. It can be physical (like sports or running) or an activity like reading a book o​r working in the garden. It can be something you do with other people or on your own. If it’s something you like to do and it makes you feel good, it’s leisure.

Making changes can be hard. You might need time to figure out what you like to do best. It might take a while before you feel like you fit into a clean and sober world. However, it will get easier with time.

Sourced From: https://myhealth.alberta.ca/Alberta/Pages/what-is-leisure.aspx

Leisure can be a great way of dealing with addiction. Be it alcohol, drugs or any other addiction, shaking it off can be quite handful sometime. This is where leisure activities should come in as part of the addiction treatment process for people seeking treatment to help them recover from whatever is dragging them down.

When clients are admitted to an inpatient treatment center to get help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol, they realize that they are embarking on a complete lifestyle change. To achieve long-term sobriety, they will need to be willing to let go of their old method of dealing with stress, depression or boredom, which was to get drunk or high.

Since a good portion of an addict’s waking hours are consumed with his or her addiction (thinking about using them, obtaining them, or recovering after using them), sober activities are used to fill in the time once taken up by the cycle of addiction. They help to provide structure for a person’s day. Boredom and being at loose ends are two things that should be avoided.

Sourced From: https://aboveitalltreatment.com/blog/sober-leisure-activities-part-of-addiction-treatment-process/

Its normal to be baffled by the boredom, idling and deprivation that haunt one who has quit drug or alcohol use or even gambling. This is the time to look for an activity that can keep you committed to avoid the previous routine of events sneaking back into your life.

Do you find yourself wondering what you’ll do with your free time now that you’re not drinking, using drugs, or gambling?

Are you bored and worried you’ll never really enjoy yourself again?

Did most of the things you used to do involve alcohol, drug use, or gambling?

Now that you’re in recovery, these are some of the questions you might be asking yourself. These questions are all about the role of leisure in your life now that you’ve quit drinking, using drugs, or gambling. You can have fun without alcohol, drugs, or gambling, but you might need to make some changes.

Much of your leisure time in the past probably involved alcohol, drugs, or gambling. The challenge is to find things you like to do, and learn to do them without using or gambling. Over time, you’ll need to develop positive leisure routines, connect with people, and have fun in healthy ways.

Sourced From: https://myhealth.alberta.ca/Alberta/Pages/Leisure-and-recovery.aspx